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The Tax System Information

The Tax System Information

The tax centre/knowledge bank contains a huge range of briefings and articles on tax and related subjects covering many of the areas that business owners, managers and private investors should find helpful in understanding the impact of the tax system on them. The aim of these papers is to provide a rapid access resource for clients. Of course, you depend on us to provide you with good tax advice that is both practical and dependable. But it can also be very helpful to you to develop a working knowledge of some of the key tax subjects that affect you. You have to administer some aspects of your tax position claiming expenses, calculating and collecting VAT and PAYE. You also want to think about your business and personal financial plans and you may find that in some cases, your knowledge of tax and other technical subjects will help you make the most of our advice and formulate plans that reflect your aims more effectively.
Bureau Service

Bureau Service

Business tax As a business owner, there are a number of serious issues to consider: how to motivate staff, how to extract profits and minimize taxes, and possible expansion. Planning for every eventuality makes good sense, allowing your business to run smoothly, whatever happens. Our PDF guides cover a number of essential areas to consider, including the pitfalls of corporation tax and IR35, buying and selling your business and the tax regimes for incorporation and partnerships. Estate planning Do you know who will benefit after your death? As your circumstances and the tax rules change, it is important to keep your estate planning under review. Our PDF guides explain the perils of inheritance tax and why everyone should make a will. The earlier you start planning, the easier it may be to achieve your objectives.
Investment tax Investment can be an uncertain business how much are you willing to risk when it comes to investment, and how will your returns be taxed? Investment planning can help you to establish your goals and maximise your returns. Our PDF guides explain the most common investment choices, giving you a complete overview of the structure and tax treatment of each type. Pensions Preparing for retirement can seem a daunting task, and for most of us building up a pension fund has never been more important. Recent changes to the taxation of pensions aimed to simplify the system, but how do they affect you? Our PDF guides cover the new rules and explain the range of financial options you may face at retirement. Assess your pension arrangements and plan for the future.
Personal tax and financial planning Tax is a complex area, and could be one of your biggest single costs. Effective tax planning can help to reduce your liability. Our PDF guides provide essential information on the taxation of earnings and investments, and cover a wide range of important issues, including income tax, residence and domicile, national insurance contributions and capital gains tax. Taxation of pay The taxation of pay can affect both you and your employees, but you can avoid many of the difficulties associated with travelling and other expenses simply by understanding the rules and keeping good records. Our PDF guides explain these issues, as well as the various methods of rewarding employees in a tax-efficient way.

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